Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School Schedules

Ah Schedules. Love em, hate em? How many of you have had a mistake in your schedule? I know I have. Once I had two free periods in a row and no electives at all. I didn't get the classes I wanted and I was really upset. I know a guy who ended up without a foreign language, a science or a math. We all know the drill. Then we go with our parents to the school to try to get it fixed or complain on the phone a little. We look at these schedules like the key to our future. We try to peer through the key hole to see what the year will be like. This class will be a piece of cake or AP chemistry will be the death of me. We compare schedules with all of our friends praying that we won't have to deal with P.E alone. Years of this and seeing others go through this has taught me one thing. Patience is key. Instead of waiting by the phone all day to get an update why not go play soccer with your friends or go to the mall? Waiting for my schedule used to drive me crazy. This year in particular it was delayed a few times. When I'm starting to feel fed up I take my cellphone(just in case their is news about it) and run. I just go. It makes me feel better 95% of the time. It will save you, your parent and your guidance counselors a lot of stress. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!

Discussion Topics:

Have there ever been mistakes in your school schedule?

What do you do when your stressed out?


  1. The real question is when haven't I had schedule problems!

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    now mistakes in my school schedule well, no but i have made mistakes like going to what my first class on monday used to be, sitting there for 5 mins before realising that im in the wrong class :D

  5. I did that too! Once I went into the wrong spanish class and until they took attendence I thought I was in the right place.