Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

In this first post I would like to address guilty pleasures. My question? Why are they so guilty? Everyone has a time when they indulge in guilty pleasures because they are upset or bored to tears. Then we might get embarrassed or more sad. It just makes falling into a downward spiral easier than it should be. These things seem comforting to us but a bit pathetic at the same time. Whether it be old reality television reruns or 90s boy bands we should be able to have or own tastes without being put down. Together we can start taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures. Remember though, it works both ways. If you see someone eating a little bit of junk food let them be. Your best friend forever who just dedicated an entire wall to Johnny Depp? Give her the chance to get through it herself instead of forcing her through it. It's OK if your having a tough go of it right now. You can reach for that cookie dough ice cream. Its all part of the healing process and your not alone. That being said there is also a time when you have to pull yourself together and leave the guilt(and the old ice cream) in the trash. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks so much for reading!

Discussion Topic:

What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. I like listening to my old Cyndi Lauper tapes every now and again.

  2. When I'm upset I always watch old episodes of Big Brother online. Even though I know whats coming its fun to see them again!

  3. hey I like your first post. guilty pleasure. what you really need to look at is where alot of guilt comes from...... christianity... a religion designed to make you feel guilty. from the word go weve been told that jesus died for our sins...'ya what? I wasn't even born then'. know what I mean?
    you should explore this side of guilt.

  4. Multiple episodes of Friends with some red wine!! Ahh, bliss... :)