Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Reality of Reality T.V

This isn't a post saying how reality TV isn't real at all. On the contrary I'm saying it is real.

-Reality T.V show contestants often have an idealistic or even unrealistic appearance. The summer TV show More to Love talked about how the average female reality contestant were a size 2 and that's certainly not reality.

It is however, common for the media to have a warped view on reality and put the most attractive and or compelling people on television. That's the true reality of it all. Why should Reality T.V be any different? The only difference is the show doesn't start out completely with scripted action. There is somewhat of an unpredictability factor here.

-Parts of these shows are predetermined and contestants are even given scripts. The real parts are edited out if they are even there at all.

Isn't it true that companies, schools and families retain from sharing information that will make them look terrible? Reality television is the same way. In fact, that just makes it more realistic. The only way to know what is really happening would be to be there yourself. If a contestant said something dreadful about a show that revealed something secret of course the producers will not air it.

-Reality T.V promotes easy success with little work.

In life a select few will always get a lucky break. It may be unfair but it just is.

If you have anything to say about reality TV I'd love to hear it and will offer an alternate point of view if applicable :) Thanks for reading!


  1. They should probably call it "contrived reality TV," but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

    I loved Survivor, and still do, but I don't watch it as regularly as I used to, because after a while, all the challenges, council votes, and contestant backbiting starts to blur together.

    And who knows? Maybe they are scripted, but we'll never really know...

    Hope you can check out and comment on this latest post of mine, about Gandhi:

  2. I used to watch a few when they first started coming out, but now there are sooo many ~ most of which absolutely suck and are mindless garbage!

    I do like Hell's Kitchen, mostly because my wife's an incredible chef... but also because Ramsey is insane and a genius.


  3. I liked what you said about the "companies, schools and families" and feel that you were spot on! Thats exactly how it is in "real life" each one "edits" what they want the "real world" (pun intended) to hear... BTW interesting blog.. enjoy reading it.