Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Passion for Poetry?

In today's restless world do you feel poetry is becoming obsolete? How many people really stop for awhile, pick up a poetry book and read? I know I love to but I fear I'm the only one. I mean willingly, not for some school project or acting class. There are more types of poetry than the stereotypical "vibrant red roses glistened in the sun light on a bright, cheerful day" If your reading this and going ick!(lol)or screaming get to the point already( ;) ) Know that there is poetry that is more meaningful and confessional I swear! Its really just a matter of finding what you like. If you hate it all why not write some yourself? Anything goes!


  1. I not only love reading poetry but also love jotting down some lines.. I have a topic in my blog for it.

  2. yeah, noone reads poetry anymore unless they have to.

  3. I've always liked poetry, although I'm a picky reader. I can't be arsed to sift through volumes of it to find one or two poems that I like. It's a nice thought, but just not that important to me. Now if they had a way to search all the poems one can find for style, that'd be another story. :)

  4. On the contrary, I feel that poetry is an enduring form of human art, and will continually adapt to ever-changing times (as contrasted by, say, newspapers). An example of this is here:


    Hope you can check this post of mine out:


  5. i don't really like poetry.

  6. Finding and reading the poetry of Rumi over a year ago has changed my life. I like the English translations by Coleman Barks.

  7. I LOVE POETRY....because the possibilites when form meets creativity...when an established way of doing things is attempted by idiosyncratic people with diverse experiences and knowledge....are utterly endless and liberating...
    if you like poetry can you give me some feedback
    i have a poetry blog @

    havent been writing long, still trying to find my voice...any comments would be appreciated :)

  8. Hi There Yes I love poetry my blog is quite new but I have loads of content ready to type in on a daily basis - mostly poems I've written over the years some of the situations are quite comical as you will find out as I go along! Most are romantic/love lost/besotted in love but some are about loneliness/hope and life in general!! I'm putting in a bit of background story to why each was written along the way!

    Here it is for those interested!!

    I'd be grateful to any followers and will willingly follow you back!


  9. Poetry is very personal...in my opinion one can relate only to a self written poem..but only sympathize with someones else s...well at least i find myself doing that anyway!!

    inspiring blog BTW!