Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Survive Speaking in Public

Hey guys. Thanks for all of your help so far with this blog. One little comment goes a long way :) It has been a bit tough getting started but its worth the effort! This is my last day of summer vacation. Tomorrow I'm heading back to school. I'm bummed the summer is over but I'm anxious to start the school year. It has me thinking about school last year. The high points and the times that could have been better. Most of my friends lost a lot of sleep over public speaking. It never really bothered me. I thought it could even be fun if I liked what I was talking about. Every one will have to endure public speaking at some point in their lives so I'm making a list of pointers.


-Present your speech with confidence. Dogs can smell fear. An audience can too. Know the facts by heart ahead of time. People will think you know what your talking about.
-If you do make a mistake keep going. No one will notice a mistake unless you make a big deal out of it.
- If your using notes make sure to look up from the paper. Be sure to look up at your audience. Your voice can get muffled while looking down.
-Project your voice. Everyone needs to hear what your saying. Even the people in the back.
-Relax. It will all be over soon enough. In the grand scheme of things the one little speech doesn't matter.
-DO NOT picture the audience in their underwear. I've never tried this one but it doesn't seem like a smart idea.

These and a bit of practice should have you speaking like a pro in no time!

Still scared? Don't worry! A speech will not make you or break you. You might even find yourself enjoying it. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!


  1. A public speech , I think can be a confidence builder if used correctly.

  2. LOL.. Audience and dogs can smell fear.. Good comparison. Thanks for sharing blogs...

  3. I always get really nervous whenever I've had to present in front of a class, but I somehow manage to hold myself together...maybe it's an adrenaline rush or something lol! :P

    Please check this out and comment on it:

  4. I had to give a million speeches when I was in school. It also helps to remember that everyone else has to give one too. Really knowing your material so you are not struggling for words and having your introduction memorized helps too! Oh God and if you use PowerPoint - do not write out every word you are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ugh i hated public speaking.. but i was fine when it was over.. lol

  6. I hated making speeches with a passion.

  7. thanks for this post it really helped me!

  8. I used to be terrified of speaking in public. After I had to do it a few times, it was less intimidating. Maybe it's like riding the biggest roller coaster you can find. Once you've conquered it a few times, it's not as scary!