Friday, September 11, 2009

You mean there are two?!?!

Where I live there are so many similar stores right next to each other! There are 3 Mexican places in the same area. A phone store is on every corner. We don't have any shoe stores besides the ones in the mall or in other stores. When I went to Lake George last summer there were about 5 mini golf courses, 2 haunted houses and a gazillion ice cream stores(more or less) How can these places thrive with all of the competition nearby? I know that those haunted houses in Lake George give you a deal. If you go to both places you get a discount. The others don't seem to do as well. I would love to know if the people who make these decisions didn't research well enough, don't care they won't make a suitable profit, or just don't have common sense. Aren't there laws against this too many of the same thing in one area? If your buying a space for your business check it out and preferably before you buy it ;)

How many of the stores in your area are too similar?


  1. some people just don't think

  2. And some people just want to put their businesses near their competitors to get in their faces...of course, ghosts don't get to decide whether their haunted houses are next to OTHER haunted houses or not. ;P

    I like that you come by my blog occasionally, and I hope that you can check this new post out:

  3. It's like here, there are like 2 malls around here, that like 1/2 of the stores are closed up. The economy is harder on businesses, when so many are outta work..