Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not so Terrible School Books

I'm talking about Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet etc. How many of them have you read and not despised with every fiber of your being? I have actually enjoyed quite a few. My favorites so far(both those assigned to me and ones that were not) are Animal Farm, Our Town, Hamlet and 1984. I'm a huge fan of George Orwell :) I certainly recommend him. If your still in school and you have to read these books give them a chance. You might even find yourself liking them.
That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!

Discussion Question
What school books did you like the most?


  1. The main reason why people despise them with every fiber of their being, as you say, is because the school is shoving them down our throats. If people were simply allowed to read these on their own, they will actually like them. :D

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  2. I loved Lord of the Flies.

  3. Mice and Men was great