Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bogus Buys

Hey everyone! Today's topic is the world's current obsession with plaid. Plaid is taking the world by storm. Its everywhere from on the runway to in your bedroom. Personally, I loved the plaid craze at first. Then it slowly took over. It's fashionable and practical but overdone. It gets annoying when young girls are wearing truck driver-like plaid flannel shirts. They end up looking like large dresses.
Are you looking for a plaid alternative? Why not try paisley :)

What do you think about plaid?


  1. Plaid is alright in moderation and if done in good taste. I agree that there's too many teenyboppers running around in oversized men's flannels (and leggings!). Paisley is indeed a better alternative, and if you like a little funk in your wardrobe, just try combining the two! :)