Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The unexposed

How many of you listen to pop music? Have you heard other genres? It saddens me to see how many of my classmates have never heard of The Who :( If you swear by Britney Spears and Fergie it may be time to at least give another genre a chance. While I am no music guru and I don't expect anyone else to be its good to branch out. Are you a rocker? Why not try late 60s alternative music(I'm totally serious)I finally set aside sometime to listen to some 50s music and I LOVE IT!!!. GO DORIS DAY!. Give it a chance and you may just swipe the new Serena Gomez CD for Master of Puppets ;)!(OK maybe that change is a bit much)That's your daily dose of reality! Thanks for reading!

Oh and if your one of those pop haters(I know your out there) Skip the top 40 and give 80s pop a chance :)

Discussion Question
What type of music do you like best?


  1. You have an interesting and very refreshing view on music. I love AC/DC, seventies and eighties hard rock, and techno. But sometimes I like something newer and once in awhile a little classical. I've even heard of Doris Day.

    Just saw you in the coffee shop and thought I would stop in for a visit.


  2. OMG yes it does my head in people don't explore bands like they used to at all - they really are the ones missing out!

  3. I am really in awe of your writing, Emeraldstone! I mostly listen to rock by Dane Cook, the All-American Rejects, etc.; I also think that the rise of the iPod, which people can use to listen to only their favorite songs over and over again, might have contributed to a less diverse musical palate.

    I love to see your comments, and I hope that you can see these posts of mine: