Monday, August 31, 2009

Personality Quizzes

Have you ever taken a personality quiz? If so, why? Is it for reassurance and feedback or just curiosity? Last week a friend and I were taking a quiz. When we were done she didn't like her results so she retook the quiz with different answers. Needless to say that defeats the purpose. I said that these quizzes were just for fun and she should relax. Most of them aren't even accurate. In fact my mom and I were taking a What' s your real age? test and I scored 7 years older than her. There are a few tests that have a valid assessment though. I sent a test that was fairly accurate about me to the people on my buddy list and it was spot on for them too.

You Should Rule Mercury

Close to sun, Mercury has very long days - and is rarely visible to the rest of the solar system.

You are perfect to rule Mercury, because you live for the present - and can truly enjoy a day that goes on forever.

Like Mercury, you are quick and elusive. Your wit is outstanding, and you can win any verbal sparring match.

Some people see you as superficial, but in truth, you just play many roles and have many interests.

A great manipulator, you usually get what you want from people. And they're happy to give it to you.

I am apparently Mercury :)

Just remember it doesn't matter what planet you are. Whatever your results are it does not change you in any way. If your a sweetheart and you get results that say your evil, ignore them. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!

Discussion Questions:
What planet are you?

When taking a personality quiz do you answer honestly?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 10 Things to do When Your Bored

Have you ever found yourself at a complete loss on what to do? If you answered yes this list is for you.

10. Watch old DVDs or videos- Look around the house for the tapes you forgot you had. It can be entertaining and bring back memories. Funny YouTube videos should do the trick as well.
Bonus- If you stumble upon a homemade video you've found something priceless.

9. Call up a friend and make plans- Even if you can not see each other it won't hurt to say hello.
Bonus-This can prevent boredom in the future.

8. Get a new hobby- Planting, skiing, surfing, scrap booking, photography,etc. You have so many choices.
Bonus- You can find something you'll appreciate for the rest of your life!

7. Go on Facebook/Myspace- You can chat with friends, join a group, play games and more.(If you don't have a facebook or myspace this would be the perfect time to make one!)
Bonus- "Five minutes on facebook can often turn into two hours." Before long you'll forget your boredom!

6. Make a resolution- It doesn't have to be New Years to make a goal. It can be anything from deciding on buying a necessity to bettering yourself.
Bonus- If you keep your resolution you have made an improvement and have something to be proud of!

5. Get a new look- Tired of your old look? Maybe its time to mix up your makeup routine or buy a new pair of jeans. In today's economy you don't even have to spend to mix things up. Go window shopping for ideas and bring along some old business cards. When you enter the perfume section of a store spray some on the card!
Bonus- This can be both enjoyable and rewarding!

4. Get ahead- Do you have anything to do for work or school? This can be the perfect time to get ahead on it. Are you an athlete? Practice at improving your skills.
Bonus- You will be thankful you got it done while you had the chance.

3. Volunteer- Spend your free time helping others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or clean up at a local park. It is a sense of fulfillment you can't get anywhere else. Remember your bored anyway so time is certainly no objection ;)
Bonus- This one should speak for itself.

2. Have a garage sale- A great way to clean out your unwanted stuff. It can get frantic so you won't even have time to be bored.
Bonus-You can treat yourself with the extra cash

1. Make some lists- Write down your favorite actors, books, sports, shampoos, etc. Record places you want to go or things you want to do. Get your family or friends to help out!
Bonus- The possibilities are truly endless so this one can last for hours.

That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!

Discussion Topics:
What do you do when you have extra free time?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School Schedules

Ah Schedules. Love em, hate em? How many of you have had a mistake in your schedule? I know I have. Once I had two free periods in a row and no electives at all. I didn't get the classes I wanted and I was really upset. I know a guy who ended up without a foreign language, a science or a math. We all know the drill. Then we go with our parents to the school to try to get it fixed or complain on the phone a little. We look at these schedules like the key to our future. We try to peer through the key hole to see what the year will be like. This class will be a piece of cake or AP chemistry will be the death of me. We compare schedules with all of our friends praying that we won't have to deal with P.E alone. Years of this and seeing others go through this has taught me one thing. Patience is key. Instead of waiting by the phone all day to get an update why not go play soccer with your friends or go to the mall? Waiting for my schedule used to drive me crazy. This year in particular it was delayed a few times. When I'm starting to feel fed up I take my cellphone(just in case their is news about it) and run. I just go. It makes me feel better 95% of the time. It will save you, your parent and your guidance counselors a lot of stress. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks for reading!

Discussion Topics:

Have there ever been mistakes in your school schedule?

What do you do when your stressed out?

Guilty Pleasures

In this first post I would like to address guilty pleasures. My question? Why are they so guilty? Everyone has a time when they indulge in guilty pleasures because they are upset or bored to tears. Then we might get embarrassed or more sad. It just makes falling into a downward spiral easier than it should be. These things seem comforting to us but a bit pathetic at the same time. Whether it be old reality television reruns or 90s boy bands we should be able to have or own tastes without being put down. Together we can start taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures. Remember though, it works both ways. If you see someone eating a little bit of junk food let them be. Your best friend forever who just dedicated an entire wall to Johnny Depp? Give her the chance to get through it herself instead of forcing her through it. It's OK if your having a tough go of it right now. You can reach for that cookie dough ice cream. Its all part of the healing process and your not alone. That being said there is also a time when you have to pull yourself together and leave the guilt(and the old ice cream) in the trash. That's your daily dose of reality. Thanks so much for reading!

Discussion Topic:

What are your guilty pleasures?